Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Recent data released by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has mirrored what we have seen in our practice over the last few years: i.e., more patients are requesting breast lifts as a stand-alone operation. It is now the fourth most common procedure requested by women and more than any facial aesthetic surgery. It […]

They Can’t All Be “the Next Greatest Thing”

Dr. Oz, the Doctors, and Oprah television shows survive by promoting “the next greatest thing”. These shows make new surgical procedures or rejuvenation equipment the answer to all your aging concerns and market directly to the public. They “inform and educate” you on what you “need” to correct your aging concerns thereby bypassing the advice, […]

“My Neck Makes Me Look Soooo Old”

I’ve heard the above exclamation from many patients as they attempt to analyze “why” they look old. In these patients a full facelift was over-kill, and an isolated neck lift disrupted the “harmony” of the aging process at the jaw line by placing a 40-year-old neck on a 60-year-old face. This resulted in a very […]